Our Story

Our story

How we make quality legal services accessible, affordable and better

As trained lawyers we grew to become used to the way things are done in the corporate legal world of big law. Think customised stationery, frothy coffees, free biscuits during consults and impeccable high-rise buildings, the cost of which are always passed onto the client. Although we initially grew used to it, we also soon grew sick of it.

Although we do sometimes miss the gourmet coffee and biscuits, we came to realise that these, along with many other inefficiencies in the big law environment, were ultimately affecting and being passed onto those that made the industry turn – you as clients!

Harnessing our passion for tech together with our legal expertise to better cater to client needs, Loft Legal was born, THE online fixed-priced law firm for growing UK businesses.

Loft Legal, through our innovative eCommerce interface, provides access to a large number of start-up, business, corporate and intellectual property legal services, all at affordable fixed prices. We believe that this is the correct way that legal services should be provided. No more hourly rates shrouded in mystery, and as easy to purchase as a pair of shoes from Amazon.

Notwithstanding the above, we ensure the quality of our legal services are of the highest standard and are carefully aligned to the value that we are adding to your business and/or life.

Being self-funded, this enables us to promptly respond to any new market related demands, continuously innovate, adapt to legislative changes, listen to our clients, and in the process take UK’s legal environment to new frontiers.

Kyle Torrington
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