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Making Quality Legal Services Drastically Easier to Access

At Loft Legal we are trying to upend the traditional startup and business legal services arena through automation via our e-commerce platform whilst providing a consistent service throughout a number of common law territories.

We aim to do this by coordinating our network of highly qualified legal professionals to provide basic advice quickly, allowing clients to negotiate and complete a wide range of transactions. Our dream is that that our clients can come to Loft from the majority of the top business territories globally and get the same, high quality service, a lofty ambition indeed.

The traditional model of sourcing a suitable lawyer often requires middlemen, preliminary consultations and lengthy client onboarding processes that result in legal services being rendered in a few weeks. By cutting down on these processes using automation, Loft can usually ensure your deliverables are met within 24-48 hours, a drastic reduction in wait time.

We use an e-commerce platform in which start ups and businesses can browse for fixed price legal products and services and check out immediately, with the Loft lawyers rendering the services in the back end. This translates into a significant time saving on the part of the delivery of legal services, and also provides for a significant cost saving, as the costs of onboarding, preparing bills and intro calls are no longer passed onto the client.

“In an industry which has made it hard for start-ups and small businesses to gain access to quality legal services, we believe that our platform will provide drastically easier access to quality legal services at price points which don’t require deep pockets, and without sacrificing on quality” – Kyle Torrington (Co-Founder)

Kyle Torrington
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