Custom Independent Contractor / Consulting Agreement

A Consulting Agreement is an agreement in terms of which a consultant provides consulting services to another person or entity.


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What our custom Consulting Agreement service comprises

Our expert solicitors will custom fit your Consulting Agreement to the unique needs of your business no matter what the nature of the consulting services are, and very importantly, such agreement will be drafted to correctly be deemed outside IR35.

Importance of Consulting Agreements

In many instances, a business will take on an independent consultant or consultants who are not employees of the company to perform certain tasks for the company. This is known as operating outside IR35.

Appointing consultants has become far more complicated since the introduction of IR35 for the private sector. The IR35 regulations stipulate that if the contractor fails HMRC’s test for independence and are deemed an employee, then you (as the ‘employer’) will be required to pay income tax and national insurance contributions in respect of all sums paid to the contractor during the term of the agreement.

What are the benefits