Custom Application, Software or Website Privacy & Cookies Policy

A Privacy Policy defines what personal data that you, through a website or software application collect from your users, how you use such data, and with whom it is shared.

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What our Application, Software or Website Privacy & Cookies Policy package comprises

Our expert Attorneys will custom fit your Application, Software or Website Privacy & Cookies Policy to the unique needs of your software application or website to conform with, among others, FTC regulations, and even the GDPR.

No matter the type of website or software application you have, we’ll provide you with a Privacy Policy that caters to your specific needs.

The importance of a Privacy & Cookies Policy

Privacy Policies are important documents required by law, and there is no “one size fits all” approach, because the way in which you handle personal data may differ from how another website handles it, and such difference needs to be recorded in the Privacy Policy.

If a website owner fails to comply with the FTC regulations, it could potentially result in significant consequences for the owners of the website or application.  As such simply copying a Privacy Policy from someone else for your own use could land you in hot water.

In order to be able to operate your website and advertise more effectively, websites use cookies for the purpose of collecting data automatically.  To ensure the user’s consent, the law stipulates that all cookies must first be made known to the user, and be approved of by the user.

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