Custom Data Processing Agreement

A Data Processing Agreement is agreed to by an outside party (the processor) which processes data of your clients, suppliers or others on your behalf..


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All organisations to who pass on data, to comply with the GDPR

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What our Custom Data Processing Agreement service comprises

Our expert solicitors will custom fit a Data Processing Agreement to your organisation in order that your organisation is complicit with the GDPR insofar as the processing of data of your clients, suppliers and the like is done on your behalf.

Who is considered a Processor

A processor in terms of the GDPR is a person / entity who processes data on behalf of another person (controller) who in turn received the data from the person to whom such data relates to.

Examples of processors include the following:

  • Marketing / advertising agencies;
  • Accountants / auditors;
  • Recruitment and employment agencies;
  • Solicitors;
  • Credit Bureaus / Verification agencies;
  • Any other agents.

What are the benefits