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How our Custom Lease Agreement preparation service works

Step 1
Add the service to your cart and checkout. You can select certain optional extras such as express delivery or an online consultation with your attorney during the checkout process.
Step 2
A digital questionnaire will be sent to you to complete with all the information we need to prepare your Lease Agreement.
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Within 3 business days (next business day if you select express delivery), the draft Lease Agreement will be sent to you by email for your feedback. Your feedback, if required, will then be implemented in a final draft.

Key aspects of our Custom Lease Ageement service

Typical clauses included, where applicable, in your Lease Agreement

  • Premises: A full description of the property being rented, including address, unit number, etc.
  • Term: The start and end dates of the lease, and provisions for renewal.
  • Rent: The amount of rent, when it’s due, and how it should be paid.
  • Security Deposit: The amount of the security deposit and conditions for its return.
  • Maintenance and Repairs: Who is responsible for what types of maintenance and repairs.
  • Utilities: Who is responsible for utilities (water, gas, electricity, internet, etc.).
  • Occupants: Who is allowed to live / work on the property and any restrictions on guests.
  • Default: What constitutes a violation of the lease agreement and the consequences of such a violation.
  • Termination: The conditions under which either party may terminate the lease, and required notice periods.
  • Subletting: The tenant’s rights and responsibilities regarding subletting the property if permissible.
  • Dispute Resolution: How disputes relating to the lease will be handled.
  • Right of Entry: The circumstances under which the landlord can enter the property, and how much notice they must provide.

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