GDPR Online Training

A 2 hour online training course which will cover the most important aspects of the GDPR.

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Suited For

Organisations wanting an understanding of GDPR and its impact on them

Online or Face to Face


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An experienced solicitor

What our GDPR Training package comprises

It can be difficult needing to comply with GDPR when you don’t have a full grasp of what it entails.  Our 2 hour online training course can assist both you and your staff if you find yourself in this situation.

In our 2 hour online training course we will cover:

  • What the GDPR is;
  • What “Data” and “Processing” of Data entails;
  • Who are the role players in terms of the GDPR, together with their rights and responsibilities; and
  • What common processes need to be put in place so that you comply with GDPR.

What are the benefits