Licensing Agreement

A Licensing Agreement is an agreement in terms of which the owner of an asset (licensor) licenses the use of the asset to another (licensee) for remuneration.


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What our Licensing Agreement service comprises

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Typical Licensing Agreements might include the following:

  • Intellectual property, such as trademarks which are licensed out;
  • Access to software products; or
  • Licensing of patented technology

Typical clauses included in Licensing Agreements

Licensing Agreements should always, at the very least, cover the following:

  • the rights attached to the use of the license by the licensee;
  • the geographical location where the licensee may operate or have access;
  • how quality and control will be managed and maintained;
  • in whom ownership of the intellectual property attached to the underlying asset is vested;
  • the method employed to calculate royalties or the licence fees;
  • what the third party may and may not do with the software while under license; and
  • when and in what manner the relationship between the licensee and licensor will be brought to an end.

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