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A Privacy & Cookies Policy is a legally required element of your website. It defines what personal data you collect and how you use that data as well as laying out the rights of your customers.


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What our Privacy & Cookies Policy package entails

Our expert solicitors will custom fit your Privacy & Cookies Policy to the unique needs of your website or platform to ensure compliance with the Data Protection Act 2018 and associated legislation (GDPR).

Regardless of the type of goods or services you offer, we will tailor a Privacy & Cookies Policy that matches your needs, reflects your business pratcies and reassures your customers.

The importance of a Privacy & Cookies Policy

Both a Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy are documents required by law for all websites and platforms. A standard document will not do the trick as your policy must detail exactly how you collect data, who you share data with and under what legal bases you process that personal data.  We can also advise you if your current practices are permissible by privacy law and assist you accordingly.

If a website owner fails to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) or the Data Protection Act of 2018, it could potentially result in significant consequences for the owners of the website including fines and public naming and shaming by the regulator.  Reusing a policy you have found online can therefore be a dangerous idea.

For example, all websites use cookies in order to In order to function. Different cookies require different bases for processing and in all cases the user must be made aware of the nature of those cookies and how to disable or opt out of processing. Our Privacy and Cookie Policy provides a table that details every cookie and how it is used.

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