Registered Design

A Registered Design involves applying to obtain a monopoly right of a part or the whole of a product.


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What our Registered Design filing service comprises

Our team is on hand to aid you with the filing of your design in one class, to thwart others from attempting to replicate your designs.

What kind of products can benefit from Registered Design protection?

You are able to protect a myriad of items which are construed as industrial designs, including but not exclusively relating to packaging designs, receptacles, furniture, household appliances and the like. 

You may also register a design in respect of, among others, lighting equipment, adornments, jewellery, and from electrical appliances to fabrics.

Registering your design in the UK or EU, and the nature of protection that it offers

Registering the design as your own empowers you to stop someone else who has no claim to the design from producing it, selling it or even importing products that bear or embody a design which is a replica, or substantially a replica, of the design that you have protected through registration.

What are the benefits