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A contract review involves a lawyer reading through your contract with context in mind of your circumstances, and pointing out where there are any red flags, concerns and/or recommendations that you should consider before signing or otherwise agreeing to the contract.

Our contract review service is designed to give you a snapshot of the legal concerns relevant to your Employment Contract. We are here to give you confidence to either proceed or to ask the right questions to ensure that your position is protected.

Our lawyers carry out detailed reviews and provide commentary in lay terminology in annotations within the document. 

You can choose what to do with this advice: either you can ask us to amend the document, ask us for further advice and assistance in regard to negotiation strategy or you can use our comments to bolster your negotiation position with the other side. Either way, our snapshot will give you the valuable insights you need to move forward.

Although each Employment Agreement review is unique, and different aspects will be taken into account depending on your specific context, here are some common aspects that we might consider:

  1. Job Details: Consider if there’s clarity about the role, its associated tasks, and any specific expectations or targets tied to the position.

  2. Remuneration and Perks: Reflect on the structure and adequacy of compensation, frequency of payment, and any performance-related reward mechanisms. Also, ensure understanding of the different benefits provided.

  3. Employment Duration: Examine whether the employment is at-will or for a fixed period, and if so, the specifics surrounding the potential extension of the contract.

  4. End of Employment: Assess the conditions that would warrant termination, the notice period requirement, and whether there are provisions for severance pay.

  5. Competitive Restrictions: Review any limitations on working in similar industries or roles after leaving the company, ensuring these are fair and reasonable.

  6. Protection of Business Secrets: Understand the provisions around safeguarding sensitive business information, including the breadth of the definition and the length of time such conditions are in effect.

  7. Ownership of Creations: Consider the terms around intellectual creations during the employment period, and who retains the rights to such creations.

  8. Conflict Management: Evaluate the specified procedures for managing disagreements that may arise during employment.

  9. Geographical and Travel Commitments: Reflect on any commitments related to relocation or frequent travel associated with the role.

  10. Growth Opportunities: Look into whether there are commitments from the employer for specific training or professional development opportunities.

  11. Work Hours and Extra Duty: Understand the expected work schedule, including any provisions or conditions around overtime.

  12. Obligations and Limitations: Assess any stipulated restrictions or obligations the employer expects adherence to during the course of employment.

Although each Employment Agreement review is unique, and different aspects will be taken into account depending on your specific context, here are some common aspects that we might consider:

  1. Clarity of Role: Ensuring the job description, duties, and expectations are precise, which can reduce the likelihood of disputes or misunderstandings later.

  2. Compensation Structure: Verifying that the compensation, including bonuses or commission, aligns with industry standards and is clearly defined to prevent any disputes.

  3. Employment Duration: Determining if the agreement specifies whether the employment is at-will or for a fixed term, and the conditions for contract renewal.

  4. Termination Provisions: Establishing clear and legally compliant guidelines for termination, including any notice periods and severance provisions.

  5. Restrictive Covenants: Including reasonable non-compete and non-solicitation clauses to protect the company’s interests without infringing upon the employee’s rights.

  6. Confidentiality Provisions: Protecting the company’s proprietary information through non-disclosure or confidentiality clauses, clearly outlining what is considered confidential.

  7. Intellectual Property Rights: Ensuring the agreement clearly states the company retains the rights to any intellectual property created during the course of employment.

  8. Dispute Resolution: Outlining procedures for handling any potential disputes, such as arbitration or mediation, to mitigate potential litigation costs.

  9. Relocation and Travel: Clearly stating any requirements or expectations regarding relocation or travel for the employee.

  10. Training Obligations: Clearly defining any commitments the company is making with regards to training or professional development.

  11. Work Hours and Overtime: Providing clarity on the work schedule, and how overtime is compensated, in compliance with state and federal laws.

  12. Employee Conduct: Clearly outlining the company’s expectations for employee behavior, including adherence to company policies and procedures.

Yes, we take confidentiality very seriously and our bound to keep all dealings with you confidential.

Our reviews take between 1 to 2 working days, unless you order the Express Delivery option. The Express Delivery option needs to be ordered before 1PM EST in order for it to be delivered before midnight on the same day, otherwise it will be delivered the following day before 5PM EST.

If your contract has already been signed, and you are looking to get guidance on a specific situation that has arisen, not to worry, you can still use this review service in the same manner, but in the field which reads “Is there any information that you would like to bring to our attention about this contract”, please insert the specific points that you are looking to have the guidance center around.

Our review service is designed to identify issues and concerns within the document or contract. 

In the event of amendments being required, once the review is provided to you, we would then provide you with a quotation to attend to the amendments on your behalf. Whether you proceed with such amendments is obviously at your discretion.

Once you contract has been reviewed, it may be necessary to negotiate amendments with the other party/ies to the contract. This might take the form of amendments being effected to the contract itself by our lawyers, email correspondence being sent by us to the other party/ies with our proposed amendments, or a call / online meeting with the other Party/ies to discuss & negotiate.

Once reviewed, and if necessary, we will provide you with a quote to attend to the negotiations.

Our reviews entail pointing out issues and concerns, and as such, does not ordinarily include actual amendments being made to the contract or document, unless you order an hour of amendments as an optional extra during the checkout process.

Page length is measured in Tahoma font, size 11, 1.5 line spacing. If you are uncertain how to do this, feel free to send the agreement via live chat or email for us to measure it for you.

If you select the optional extra of an online consult with your attorney, you will have access to a 20 minute online consultation with your lawyer to discuss the review once it has been conducted.

Yes, our lawyers are registered with the Law Council of Australia.

Your lawyer will have no less than 10 years’ practicing experience.

To receive your review on the same day before midnight, you will need to order the Express Delivery before 1PM AEST. Express Delivery orders made after 1PM AEST will be delivered during the next business day, prior to 5pm.