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A contract review is when an attorney scrutinizes your agreement, keeping in mind your unique situation, and identifies potential areas of concern, suggestions, or risks that you should be aware of prior to endorsing or accepting the terms of the contract.

Our lease review service offers you a comprehensive overview of potential legal issues within your Lease Agreement. Our mission is to empower you with the confidence to either advance with the agreement or seek necessary clarifications to ensure your interests are safeguarded.

Our legal professionals undertake in-depth reviews and annotate their feedback in user-friendly language directly onto the document.

With our insights in hand, you have the autonomy to decide the next steps: you might wish for us to make revisions, solicit further guidance, or use our feedback to enhance your negotiation stance. Regardless of your choice, our review ensures you’re equipped with the crucial knowledge to progress.

While every Lease Agreement review is customized to individual needs, here are some frequently assessed components:

  1. Lease Term: Identifying the commencement and termination of the lease, and any associated provisions for extending or terminating it prematurely.

  2. Rent and Adjustments: Assessing the stipulated rent, its calculation methodology, and potential increases over the lease duration. The clarity of payment procedures and schedules is also evaluated.

  3. Operating Expenses and CAM Charges: TReviewing the tenant’s obligations concerning shared maintenance expenses, taxation, insurances, and utility bills.

  4. Leasehold Improvements: Understanding provisions related to tenant-initiated property alterations, their financing, and end-of-lease removal procedures.

  5. Maintenance and Repairs: Determining the responsibility for property upkeep and repairs.

  6. Security Deposit: Evaluating terms surrounding the deposit quantum and the stipulated refund mechanisms.

  7. Default and Remedies: Identifying conditions that lead to a breach and the ensuing rights and actions for involved parties.

  8. Assignment and Subletting: Understanding the parameters under which tenants might transfer or sublease the property.

  9. Insurance: Reviewing the mandated insurance types and coverage extents.

  10. Indemnity Clauses: Analyzing clauses that detail liability in scenarios of damages or personal injuries.

  11. Use of the Premises: Evaluating stipulated guidelines on property utilization, any forbidden actions, and exclusivity terms.

  12. Options: Assessing provisions concerning lease renewals, space expansion possibilities, or property acquisition rights.

  13. Dispute Resolution: Understanding the outlined procedures to address potential disagreements during the lease.

  14. Force Majeure: Reviewing terms that address potential disruptions due to unforeseen events.

  15. Compliance with Laws: Analyzing the tenant’s responsibilities in adhering to prevailing laws and regulations.

  16. Condition and Delivery of the Premises: Reviewing the expected property conditions for handovers and returns.

Definitely. We accord the utmost importance to confidentiality and will ensure all communications with you are held in strict confidence.

Our reviews take a maximum of 2 business days. However, with our Express Delivery service, if you finalize your order by 1PM EST, you’ll receive the review before midnight on the same day. For orders after 1pm, the review will be provided by 5PM EST the following business day.

If you’ve already finalized and signed your contract and seek advice on a specific issue that’s emerged, fret not. You can still utilize our review service. Just ensure that when filling out the section titled “Is there any information that you would like to bring to our attention about your contract?”, you clearly mention the specific matters you wish to focus on.

The primary goal of our review service is to highlight potential problems or areas of concern in your contract. If major changes are deemed necessary after the review, we will subsequently offer a quote to handle those changes on your behalf. The decision to go ahead with such modifications rests solely with you.

Absolutely! The lawyer assigned to you will personally reach out via email when delivering your review.

Certainly. You’re free to send any supplementary queries you might have to your lawyer through email, and they’ll respond without extra charges. Additionally, for a more in-depth discussion, you can opt for a 20-minute online consultation with your lawyer.

Following your contract review, there may arise a need to discuss changes with the other contract party/ies. This could involve our lawyers making direct changes, sending email proposals for changes, or even setting up online discussions to negotiate. If deemed essential, we will share a quote for these negotiation services.

Our review mainly identifies potential issues and doesn’t typically include making direct changes. Such modifications are usually quoted separately. Nonetheless, you have the option to add an hour of amendment services during the ordering process where changes will be m