Template Shareholders Agreement

A Shareholders Agreement is an agreement between shareholders of a limited company setting out how the company is to be regulated and managed.

Suited For

Most limited companies registered in the UK

Custom Fitted

No, but can be edited as needed

Prepared By

An experienced solicitor

What does our template Shareholders Agreement include

Our experience in preparing a multitude of Shareholders Agreements over a long period of time has allowed us to select the most pertinent clauses and insert them into one agreement with a user friendly table at the start.  This table allows you to customise portions of the agreement, by adding to it, deleting sections and/or making alterations, as the document will be sent to you in word format, allowing for easy editing.

Almost all aspects of your relationship with the other shareholders can be regulated efficiently and effectively.

What clauses are contained in it

Among others, the template Shareholders Agreement will contain clauses related to the following, and which may be customised:

  • the amount of shares making up the Company’s share capital;
  • how many shares have been issued to each shareholder;
  • dividend policy of the company;
  • deadlock resolution;
  • the procedures surrounding shareholder loans;
  • the process to be followed when shareholders sell their shares;
  • the process to be followed when a new shareholder comes onboard ;
  • the process relating to, and the reasons for a forced sale of shares;
  • share valuation procedure;
  • decisions relating to a director’s salary;
  • determination of shareholder disputes;
  • when, why and how outside experts may be appointed; and
  • clauses relating to confidentiality.

What are the benefits