Website Design/Software Development and/or Maintenance Agreement

A Website Design, Software Development and/or Maintenance Agreement may be customed fitted and used in the following instances:

  • Website design;
  • Website development;
  • Software development;
  • Application development; or
  • Maintenance of any of the aforegoing.
Suited For

All software development and website development / designers

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Your Experienced Attorney

What our Website Design/Software Development and/or Maintenance Agreement service comprises

Our expert Attorneys will custom fit this agreement to your unique needs.

Whether you are a software developer developing an application, website or other custom piece of software, or are a client looking to bind a software developer to their obligations, this bespoke contract drafting offering will cater to your requirements.

We have a deep routed understanding of software development, and are well suited to provide any form of Software Development Agreement required by you.

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