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Drawing on an average of over 20 years of experience from our attorneys, and our in-depth knowledge of U.S federal and state laws, our clear and concise Legal Opinion service offers practical recommendations for mitigating potential risks and knowing your legal position on any legal matter.

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Key aspects of our Legal Opinion service

Frequently asked questions

A legal opinion involves an attorney reading through or considering your legal issue or transaction with context in mind, and providing you with their expert legal opinion on the matter in writing.

We provide a wide range of legal opinions, including but not limited to opinions on contract interpretation, property law, commercial matters, business and startup matters, regulatory compliance, mergers and acquisitions, securities law, tax law, intellectual property, and employment law, among others.

This is a service that provides a comprehensive legal opinion from experienced attorneys located throughout the United States.

The service guarantees a thorough analysis of your legal issue or question and provides clear and easy-to-understand written advice.

A lawyer with subject matter expertise will be assigned to your matter, and you will receive the Legal Opinion within two business days, unless an Express Delivery is ordered.

You can then use this legal opinion to make informed decisions and take necessary actions to protect your legal interests.

Our legal opinion reviews typically take between 1 to 2 working days. If you require a faster turnaround, you can order our Express Delivery option before 1PM EST to receive your review on the same day before midnight. Express Delivery Orders made oafter 1PM EST will be delivered during the next business day, prior to 5PM EST.

We are a full-service commercial law firm that takes pride in our ability to handle any legal matter that comes our way. Our team of lawyers has the expertise and knowledge to provide our clients with top-tier guidance and insight on a wide range of legal issues. Our firm is more than happy to assist in any negotiations that may arise from the Legal Opinion.

We are a firm which concentrates on start-up, business, intellectual property, employment and property law.

Yes, we take client confidentiality very seriously, and the legal opinion will be kept strictly confidential.

You can choose to have a 20 minute online consultation with your attorney to discuss the opinion after it has been conducted. To do this, you may choose to add the optional extra of an online consult during the checkout process.

Yes, our lawyers are registered with the appropriate practicing authority in their state.

Your lawyer will have no less than 20 years’ practicing experience.

Our coverage extends to almost every state. In the unanticipated event that we are unable to be of service, we guarantee a cfull refund.

To get the review on the same day before midnight, placing an order for Express Delivery before 1 PM EST is necessary. An Express Delivery placed after 1 PM EST will be sent the next business day before 5 PM.