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A Copyright Assignment Agreement is an agreement which regulates the transfer of ownership of copyrighted works from one person or entity to another.

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The transfer of any copyrighted works from one person to another

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Our expert Attorneys will custom fit your Copyright Assignment agreement to your unique copyrighted works that are being transferred from one person to another.

What is the importance of Copyright Assignment Agreement

Unfortunately, and contrary to popular belief, without a Copyright Assignment Agreement in place, you, as the business owner, are not the owner of the copyrights to your very own works.

Strictly, and morally speaking, when you outsource works to third parties such as freelancers or subcontractors, whether it be software development, authoring of blog content, designing of logos or any other illustrations, ownership is automatically credited to the creator (as in the third party charged to create them).

It is for this reason that when employing the services of a third party or contractor, a business owner should ensure that a Copyright Assignment Agreement is entered into.

In law, copyrights can be transferred or assigned, but only when this is reduced to writing and agreed to in the form of a Copyright Assignment Agreement.

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