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    Frequently asked

    We offer a variety of services including preparing, reviewing, and amending lease agreements, attorney consultations, sending legal letters, lease negotiation assistance, lease termination, dispute resolution, lease renewals, and property management legal advice.

    After selecting the service you require, you will be directed to its page, where you can checkout by a secure payment page.

    Once payment is confirmed, depending on the service, oyou might be prompted to supply further information, in order that we may work on your matter. 

    This does depend on the service ordered, but this ranges from 1 day (for an express contract review) to between 3 to 5 days to prepare a lease agreement.

    We offer fixed prices for all our services to ensure transparency. You can view the cost of each service on their respective pages on our website.

    Yes, we offer consultations with our attorneys. They can answer any questions you have, and help determine which service or process best fits your needs.