Custom Sale of Stock Agreement

A Sale of Stock Agreement, also known as a Stock Purchase Agreement, is an agreement stipulating all the terms and conditions that govern the sale of shares in a private company.


Suited For

Shares being sold in a US-based corporation

Custom Fitted


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Your Experienced Attorney

What our Sale of Shares Agreement service comprises

Our expert Attorneys will custom fit your Sale of Shares Agreement to the unique needs of your business, and will include among many others the following clauses:

  • the purchase price or the manner in which the purchase price will be determined;
  • the rights and obligations of both parties;
  • in the event of a dispute, how resolution may be reached;
  • representations and/or warranties that may need to be provided by the buyer to the seller and vice versa.
  • indemnifications that the buyer may need to provide to the seller and vice versa;

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