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Our filing fees

Word(s) or Logo Only

E.g: band name or logo
£ 500 for the first class and £300 for each subsequent class

*The above includes both the offical filings fees and our professional fees

Word(s) & Logo

E.g: Brand name and logo (filed as two trade marks)
£ 800 for the first class and £500 for each subsequent class

*The above includes both the offical filings fees and our professional fees

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Commonly asked questions

It takes approximately 3 months in the UK and 4 to 5 months in the EU.

If you trade mark is rejected in instances of our offices advising that you trade mark is available to proceed, we will provide you with a refund of our fees. This refund will exclude the official filing fees as paid to the UKIPO or EUIPO.

The fees paid to us include everything from the filing of the trade mark up until and including registration. Only in the unlikely instances of oppositions being filed which you a looking to defend against, or the trade mark is rejected, and which rejection you would like overturned, would the initial fees paid not cover such actions. Such actions will be quoted for at that point in time.

More specifically, the fees include the following:

  • Professional advice from our Solicitors in regard to the availability of your trade mark in your chosen jurisdiction;
  • Professional advice from our solicitors as to the best classes in which to register the mark in considering your branding strategy;
  • Bespoke drafting by a solicitor of your Nice class specification to ensure that the registration covers your business operations accurately;
  • Submission of your application to the trade mark authority (Applicable Authority);
  • Any required correspondence with the Applicable Authority prior to publication of the mark in the official journal;
  • Passing on any relevant communications from the Applicable Authority or a third party that relate to your mark during the opposition period;
  • After the advertisement period, if there are no oppositions, and the trade mark proceeds to registration, we will convey to you the digitial registration certificate.
  • Responding to any official communications from the Applicable Authority that you receive after publication of the mark on the official journal;
  • Response and/or advice in regard to any communications, claims or oppositions you may receive from third-party rights holders after you instruct us;
  • If you have issues with the registration of the mark as a result of third-party claims, we will be happy to advise and assist you. However, this will incur additional charges.

When filing a trade mark it needs to be filed in one of more of 45 different classes, known as NICE classes. Which class you fall in depends on the products or services you offer. For example, if you run a restaurant you will fall into class 43, but if you run and advertising agency, you would fall into class 41.

If you order our Word & Logo trade mark filing service, we file two seperate trade marks for you. One in respect of your word(s) and the other in respect of your logo.