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?Once the review has been completed, you can have a 20 minute online consult with your attorney to explain their review. Although we don't recommend it, you can request to have this consult take place prior to the review.
?The standard review does not include any amendments being written into your contract (only suggestions of amendments, red flags and the like which are written in comments in the documents). As an optional extra, we can amend the text of your contract to include any amendments that we have suggested, subject to a maximum of an hour spent to include these amendments.
?Sometimes you might require negotiation assistance in getting your contract over the line with your / our proposed amendments. We can provide negotiation support whether by dealing directly with the other party or their attorney, or assisting in the backend, by phone, online meeting or email.
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Key aspects of our Contract / Legal Document review service

A quick overview of what our Contract / Legal Document review comprises​

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Frequently asked questions

A contract review involves a lawyer reading through your contract with context in mind of your circumstances, and pointing out where there are any red flags, concerns and/or recommendations that you should consider before signing or otherwise agreeing to the contract.

Our contract review service is designed to give you a snapshot of the legal concerns relevant to your issue or transaction. We are here to give you confidence to either proceed or to ask the right questions to ensure that your position is protected.

Our lawyers carry out detailed reviews and provide commentary in lay terminology in annotations within the document, via e-mail or via screen recording video software. 

You can choose what to do with this advice: either you can ask us to amend the document, ask us for further advice in regard to negotiation strategy or you can use our comments to bolster your negotiation position with the other side. Either way, our snapshot will give you the valuable insights you need to move forward.

Yes, we take confidentiality very seriously and our bound to keep all dealings with you confidential.

We review any and all types of business, employment, commercial and intellectual property contracts and documents.

Below is a non-exhaustive list of some of the documents that we review:

Sale of Goods Agreements

Service Level Agreements

Lease Agreements (Commercial and Residential)

Employment Agreements

Business Terms of Service

Website Terms of Service

Shareholders Agreements

Partnership Agreements

Confidentiality Agreements

Non-Disclosure Agreements

Supply Agreements

Distribution Agreements

Joint Venture Agreements

Franchising Agreements

Aricles of Association

Company By-Laws

Construction Agreements

Loan Agreements

Guarantee Agreements

Rental Agreements

Licensing Agreements

Marketing Agreements

Agency Agreements

Development Agreements

Management Agreements

Purchase Orders

Memorandums of Understanding

Bilateral Agreements

Consulting Agreements

Investment Agreements

Powers of Attorney

Escrow Agreements

Memorandums of Incorporation

Bills of Sale

Royalty Agreements

Collaboration Agreements

Non-compete Agreements

Operating Agreements

Trust Agreements

Indemnity Agreements

Supply Chain Agreements

Procurement Agreements

Merger and Acquisition Agreements

Service Agreements

Credit Agreements

Deeds of Sale

Deeds of Suretyship

Deeds of Partnership

Deeds of Trust

Deeds of Lease

Deeds of Assignment

Deeds of Cession

Deeds of Donation

Deeds of Mortgage

Deeds of Hypothecation

Deeds of Pledge

Deeds of Release

Deeds of Cancellation

Deeds of Variation

Service Provider Agreements

Non-circumvention Agreements

Commission Agreements

Equipment Rental Agreements

Intellectual Property Licensing Agreements

Joint Development Agreements

Letters of Intent

Letters of Credit

Letters of Guarantee

Memorandums of Agreement

Performance Bonds

Product Distribution Agreements

Professional Services Agreements

Purchase Agreements

Research and Development Agreements

Security Agreements

Subcontractor Agreements

Technology Licensing Agreements

Affirmative Action Policy

Anti-Discrimination Policy

Code of Conduct Policy

Drug and Alcohol Policy

Employee Discipline Policy

Employee Grievance Policy

Employee Handbooks

Employee Performance Evaluation Policy

Employee Privacy Policy

Employee Retention Policy

Employee Termination Policy

Flexible Work Arrangements Policy

Harassment and Bullying Policy

Health and Safety Policy

Leave Policy (Sick leave, Vacation leave, etc.)

Sexual Harassment Policy

Time and Attendance Policy

Training and Development Policy

Travel and Expense Policy

Whistleblower Policy

Company Constitutional Documents

Physician-related Contracts

Term Sheets

GDPR Policies

Data Processing Agreements

Services Agreements

Employment Offer Letters

Share Vesting Agreements

Option Agreements

Music and artist contracts

Energy Sector Agreements

Termination Agreements

Settlement Agreements

Terms of Use

Intellectual Property Agreements

Distributor Agreements

Sale of Shares Agreements

Subscription Agreements

Our reviews normally take 2 working days, unless you order the Express Delivery option. The Express Delivery option needs to be ordered before 1PM EST in order for it to be delivered before midnight on the same day, otherwise it will be delivered the following day before 5PM EST.

If your contract has already been signed, and you are looking to get guidance on a specific situation that has arisen, not to worry, you can still use this review service in the same manner, but in the field which reads “Is there any information that you would like to bring to our attention about this contract”, please insert the specific points that you are looking to have the guidance center around.

Our review service is designed to identify issues and concerns within the document or contract. 

In the event of amendments being required, once the review is provided to you, we would then provide you with a quotation to attend to the amendments on your behalf. Whether you proceed with such amendments is obviously at your discretion.

Once you contract has been reviewed, it may be necessary to negotiate amendments with the other party/ies to the contract. This might take the form of amendments being effected to the contract itself by our lawyers, email correspondence being sent by us to the other party/ies with our proposed amendments, or a call / online meeting with the other Party/ies to discuss & negotiate.

Once reviewed, and if necessary, we will provide you with a quote to attend to the negotiations.

Our reviews entail pointing out issues and concerns, and as such, does not ordinarily include actual amendments to the text of the contract unless you select the optional extra on checkout of an hour of amends to also be included. 

We are a firm which concentrates on start-up, business, intellectual property, employment and real estate law.

Page length is measured in Tahoma font, size 11, 1.5 line spacing. If you are uncertain how to do this, feel free to send the agreement via live chat or email for us to measure it for you.

If you select the optional extra of an online consult with your lawyer, you will have access to a 20 minute online consultation with your attorney to discuss the review once it has been conducted.

Yes, our lawyers are registered with the Federation of Law Societies of Canada.

Your lawyer will have no less than 10 years’ practicing experience.

To receive your review on the same day before midnight, you will need to order the Express Delivery before 1PM EST. Express Delivery orders made after 1PM EST will be delivered during the next business day, prior to 5pm.